Unbelievable Colossal Austrian Crystal Bib Necklace


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UNBELIEVABLE    colossal crystal bib necklace. Stunning, unusual, bold, just simply WOW necklace! Probably    made for runway. Base (the underside) is made of blue crystals connected by brass wires    and small brass rings. Lots and lots of cobalt blue (with some light blue) art glass beads    and blue crystals with Aurora Borealis finish on half of the bead are suspended on wires    all over the bib. Large Aqua art glass bead on the bottom. Beautiful brass mesh clasp is    adorned by strands of crystals and art glass beads. Very well made! Measures 16.5″ at    the neckline and 3/4″ wide at the neckline. The bib itself is a triangle of 7″    wide by 7″ long. Clasp 1 1/8″ in diameter with strands of beads dripping down    2.5″. Clasp is signed “Made in Austria”.    Excellent condition.

SKU – NK1167

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